Why choose Agrietica

Why choose AgriEtica: Our products before being processed are all selected. The different working phases, the old traditional recipes of the grandmother and the ingredients used, produced by our cooperatives, are handmade without any use of preservatives or animal products. Sugar used for making jams is brown sugar that keeps the organoleptic and product quality unchanged.

Our products are cultivated without any use of chemical elements, this is the reason for why you can find a natural, genuine and really taste in them.

A basket full of foods that suits the tastes of both young and old. From breakfast jam to pâtés for aperitifs.

All products are subjected to high quality traceability and security controls. Furthermore, transformation process follow strict hygienic and sanitary rules that allow proper preservation.

The direct relationships with Consortium Partners guarantees the distribution of fruit and vegetables in a controlled and secure way.

The freshness of our products is guaranteed by the daily life of the crop, which preserves its flavor, nutritional value and genuineness.



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